Structured Cabling

From modest projects involving fewer than 20 network drops to extensive installations exceeding 2,000 network drops, the skilled professionals at Digital Lotus Communications are here to cater to your cabling requirements. Whether you’re dealing with new construction, expansions, or upgrades, DLC is equipped with the expertise and credentials to provide outstanding solutions, meeting deadlines and adhering to budget constraints. Our offerings encompass both copper and fiber solutions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your needs.


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Digital Lotus Communications (DLC) is a full-service Technology Systems Contractor located in San Diego, CA. We utilize existing and emerging technologies for voice, data and video applications. DLC combines superior workmanship with high quality, cost-effective products to design and implement cabling systems that deliver reliability and performance.

Our highly trained engineers, project managers and industry-trained technicians take responsibility to assure our customers are delivered the highest quality premise wiring network installation to current specifications.

We regularly attend training courses to keep ahead of the rapid changes in networking technology. Our team is qualified and approved to install systems to manufacturers’ warranted specifications.

The installation of today’s sophisticated cabling systems is vital to the success of any network system. Cabling systems carry the lifeblood of your organization – information. The installation, material, quality of cable and testing procedures are all much more critical with today’s bandwidth requirements. The reason for this is that networks today are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds.


Services offered:

  • Full AutoCAD Support and Design
  • Qualified installations meet aggressive “fast track” construction schedules.
  • RCDD Certified Engineers – RCDD established its credential programs to provide a level of assurance to the industry and to consumers that an individual has knowledge in a designated area of information technology systems (ITS) concept and design. RCDD professional designations are valued internationally and are recognized throughout the ITS industry
  • Free cable removal included with signed contract
  • Leasing options available upon request

Types of Cable:

  • General purpose cables are used for horizontal runs and general purpose applications.
  • Riser Cables are used for vertical runs between floors and in vertical cable raceways. Riser cables are more flame resistant than general purpose cables to prevent the spread of fire between floors.
  • Plenum cables are used in environmental air spaces. An environmental air space is anywhere that environmental air for the building passes. Plenum cables are more flame resistant and produce less toxic smoke than riser rated cables when they burn.

Fiber Optic Communication offers advantages over electrical transmission mediums, and has largely replaced copper wire in today’s world of high-speed data networks. Compared to copper, fiber has a lower overall maintenance cost and an extended life of 35 years. Unlike copper, fiber signals are not affected by electrical noise and are exempt from FCC-mandated sweeps.


Digital Lotus Communications provides the following services supporting the design and installation of fiber systems:

  • Fiber optic installation & termination
  • Fiber optic cable splicing
  • Full scope design and maintenance for fiber cabling
  • Conduit rodding, cleaning, and cable pulling

Digital Lotus Communications provides a cost-effective installation with certifications backed by the industry’s leading manufacturers to assure 100% TIA/EIA 568 wiring standards compliance and performance.


Business applications include: 

  • Factory certified installation with manufacturer’s Warranty – (15-20-25yr) Cable Certification
  • RCDD Certified Engineers – Design and Approve all technical drawings and concepts

A data center can occupy one room of a building, one or more floors, or an entire building. Digital Lotus Communications performs a vigorous business assessment to determine the scope of your upcoming project.


This assessment takes several factors into account:

  • Structured Cable Design and Implementation
  • Server Rack placement, Cable Management and Seismic Bracing
  • HVAC Load calculations, Air Return configurations and environmental monitoring
  • Electrical Requirements, including UPS configuration
  • Access to MPOE and Circuit Delivery
  • Access Flooring (Raised Flooring), Modular Wiring and Air Delivery products
  • Security including: Card Access and Surveillance Systems

Ceiling speakers are for much more than background music. Being heard is critical in countless situations requiring mass notification, from natural disasters to other emergencies. It’s essential to be heard when there isn’t a moment to lose.


Business applications include:

  • Public Address, Mass Notification and Intercom
  • Flexible management of paging and intercom communications locally, regionally or nationally using LAN or WAN
  • Scalable to thousands of end-points, one end-point at a time
  • Speakers are POE compatible
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We service all of Southern California: San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County & Riverside County.